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It's important for every member of your family to have a trusted primary care physician. Not only does your primary care doctor at Quest Medical Center in Bay Shore, New York, treat any acute illnesses that may occur, they also help you stay on top of your health. When you develop a relationship with a medical professional, you have someone on your side who's always looking out for your health. Plus, if you ever do have any urgent care needs, you have someone to call who knows you and all of your health concerns.

Primary Care Q & A

Do I really need an annual physical?

Yes. Many chronic diseases and conditions take years to develop and progress. For instance, diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol don't happen overnight. This is why annual physicals are so important for preventive care.

You have your dedicated doctor who checks your labs and conducts a thorough physical to see if you have any issues that are out of the ordinary. By having an established relationship with you, your provider can compare your current results to any previous tests you had. That way it's easy to chart any abnormalities.

What is chronic care management?

Chronic care management includes non-face-to-face services associated with treatments for Medicare patients. You must have at least two chronic conditions that are likely going to occur for at least a year. Your dedicated practitioner from Quest Medical Center can:

  • Manage your prescription medications and refills
  • Communicate to the rest of your healthcare team
  • Create and revise electronic care plans
  • Be available 24/7 to get you the care you need

While Medicare doesn’t require any specific conditions to qualify for chronic care management, some of the most commonly treated conditions include diabetes and high blood pressure.

Which vaccines do I need?

The vaccines you need may vary depending on your health or any requirements by your employer or school. In general, you need regular:

  • Flu shots
  • Tetanus (Tdap) vaccines
  • Hepatitis A and B vaccinations
  • HPV vaccines
  • Pneumococcal (pneumonia) shots
  • Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccines

If you haven’t had chickenpox, your primary care physician may also suggest getting vaccinated against this virus. Or if you're over age 60, you may qualify for a shingles vaccine.

How do I prepare for my primary care appointment?

You don’t need to do anything special to prepare for your visit with your primary care physician. It’s helpful to gather any current or old medical records you may have and bring them to your appointment. This includes any dates of prior vaccinations.

Make a list of all medications and any concerns you want to cover with your doctor. Whether you have health concerns, are noticing weight fluctuations, or need help managing a chronic condition, it’s often easiest to go through a checklist with your provider.

Getting established with a primary care physician at Quest Medical Center is easy. Simply book your first visit by calling the office or using the online scheduling feature.

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